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Workman’s Compensation


Workman’s compensation is the monetary compensation offered to the injured employee or to the dependents in case of death, from the employer. Injuries at the workplace are common and the severity of injuries may range from minor injuries to death.

An individual will be eligible to claim workman’s compensation if the individual suffers injuries or illnesses during employment and if caused by the nature of work. However, if the injury occurred is because of the negligence of an individual to obey safety rules, if the individual was under the influence of alcohol or any drugs, or if the disability because of injury lasts for ≤3 days, then the employer will not be liable to pay the compensation.

In the United States, Workmen’s Compensation Act is in practice from several decades and this act defines the guidelines for eligibility, liability, compensation details and all the necessary information to safeguard the employee as well as the employer.

Your doctor plays an important role in treating work-related injuries and diseases, recovery of an individual from occupational injuries and illnesses.

We at, Ani Medical Group help you in:

  • Providing treatment to work-related injuries or illnesses
  • Providing medical certificates or reports necessary for claims
  • Recovering from illnesses or injuries and restoring normal activities
  • Analyze and suggest the case managers regarding the severity of injuries or illnesses and the impact of the injury on an individual’s personal life as well as occupation
  • Work with attorneys or case managers for claims and also provide additional support services to take care of your needs

Experienced help with Workers’ Compensation injuries and claims

When you’re hurt at work, turn to us for qualified and experienced care. Our physicians and staff are trained to handle work-related injuries and help you through the claims process. They routinely work with employers and case managers to give you the most effective care possible.

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